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  • Easy to Install
  • Stays in Place without Shifting
  • One Hand Operation
  • Releasable Under Load
  • Weight – 3.4 oz
  • Working load – 4,000 lb
  • Breaking Strength – 8,000 lb
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Revolutionary new design actually sews into the tack of a jib in place of a sail ring! Much easier to install than normal snap shackles without the need for extensive lashing. Mounting lugs formed into sides of shackle allow it to be easily sewn into sail tack, firmly securing shackle to sail to prevent shifting and twisting that occurs with regular shackles. Standard 1” webbing fits snugly into rounded lugs to prevent chafing. Releasable under load. Lanyard line or webbing can be looped through trigger hole for “stoop free” easy release.