SP Shackles

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  • SP6 
    • Suitable for boats up to 50 ft. in length
    • Compatible with the T5-T16 handheld fid.
    • Weight – 0.34 lb
    • Work Load – 6,000 lb
    • Breaking Strength – 12,000 lb
  • SP10 
    • Suitable for boats 50-100 ft. in length
    • Compatible with the T5-T16 handheld fid
    • Weight – 0.64 lb
    • Work Load – 10,000 lb
    • Breaking Strength – 20,000 lb
  •  SP15 
    • Suitable for use on boats over 100 ft. in length
    • Compatible with the T16-T30 handheld fid
    • Weight – 1.33 lb
    • Work Load – 15,000 lb
    • Breaking Strength – 30,000 lb
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Tylaska’s SP snap shackles are a retrofit of the old Sparcraft designed trigger release snap shackles. Made from the same durable 17-4PH stainless as before, the castings are now hipped to create a finished part similar to a forging in strength and metal consistency. While not as capable of high-load releases as the T shackle, the SP shackle is still a high quality and rugged shackle that lives up to the Tylaska name it carries. SP snap shackles offer a larger eye and are a more economic choice when compared with their T shackle counterparts.