Press Locks

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  • Press Lock Jr.
    • Weight – 2.3 oz
    • Work Load – 4,650 lb
    • Breaking Strength – 9,300 lb
    • Max Line Size – 3/8″
  • Press Lock Sr.
    • Weight – 5.8 oz
    • Work Load – 10,000 lb
    • Breaking Strength – 20,000 lb
    • Max Line Size –  5/8″
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As an alternative to Tylaska’s J-Lock style shackle, the press lock serves the same purpose with a different design. Two opposing triggers are pressed to open the shackle. Both opposing triggers must be pressed at the same time to open the shackle, which safeguards against accidental opening during flogging. Their opposing trigger mechanism is ideal for sheets and other applications requiring a fitting small enough to pass through the lead cars to make re-leading a sheet easier. They are also used for halyards, outhauls and lead changers.

The Press Lock Junior is perfect for boats 24 to 40 feet LOA and has been seen widely on the Farr 40s.

The Press Lock Senior can cover boats from 40 to 80 feet LOA and is commonly found on older America‘s Cup boats and maxi boats.