J-Lock opens only when the knob is rotated so that its notch is aligned with the body's tab.
The notch in the knob is turned away from the tab on the body and seated on the keyway shown below.
Keyway prevents knob from rotating.


Easily spliced onto Genoa sheets, outhauls and halyards, the new low-profile Tylaska J-Locks fit through most Genoa blocks for fast sheet changes. Unique patented double-locking plunger locks in two directions for the ultimate in flog-free operation.

WEIGHT 1.9 oz (54 gm)
WORK LOAD 4,000 lb (1,818 kg )
BREAKING STRENGTH 8,000 lb (3,636kg)
LINE SIZE 8-10 mm
  Every unit is pull tested and released under several different load conditions before shipping.  
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