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Some two decades ago the grand-prix yacht racing community demanded a change. Racers wanted a new snap shackle. They wanted it to be lightweight and low-profile, and with a high breaking strength. They wanted a shackle that could be opened under load.

Sparcraft gave them what they wanted.The company�s #6 snap shackle, which featured an elongated, figure eight shape and a trigger mechanism for easier opening, revolutionized design and manufacturing.

Today, Sparcraft Hardware remains a leader in the specialization of premium sailboat hardware. Operating from Portsmouth, RI, since March 1999, we manufacture a range of snap shackles for boats from 24 feet to 150 feet LOA.We also manufacture Press Locks and J Locks for genoa sheets, inboard and outboard spinnaker pole ends, inboard and outboard reaching-strut fittings, and other custom hardware.

Originally a division of the mast manufacturer Sparcraft Corporation, Sparcraft Hardware was purchased by Alex Wadson in 1999.As president and founder of Aramid Rigging,Wadson was a crew-man aboard a maxi boat when Sparcraft introduced its first snap shackle. He bought the company with the goal of reestablishing the Sparcraft brand by improving quality and accessibility through distribution. Today, Sparcraft has 22 distributors worldwide and also provides its products to 20 OEM companies who incorporate our products into their own packages.

As technology and materials have improved, the demands on hardware has increased.While maintaining the spirit of the original designs, Sparcraft actively modifies its hardware to reflect the latest technology and manufacturing methods. All fittings are made from aerospace-grade materials to accommodate low-stretch sail fibers such as Zylon (PBO) and Carbon-fiber, as well as ultra-stiff Carbon-fiber masts like those found in the Volvo 60 and America�s Cup classes.With consistency as a key, Sparcraft Hardware works with top-line foundries and machine shops. It is this attention to detail that makes our premium products so reliable.

One new product on the drafting table is a #15 snap shackle, designed with a safe working load of 15,000 pounds and a breaking strength of 30,000 pounds. This shackle is a result of the developing technologies and the ever-increasing size and sophistication of our customers� boats.

From new products to re-examining old products we have actively sought feedback and guidance. Choruses of loud clear voices have called for the return of the J Lock Juniors and Seniors.The designs have been renewed and updated and new tools will be made this year to bring back one of the most popular products in Sparcraft�s long history.

Whether you�re looking for our #6 snap shackle at your local chandlery or are in need of custom gear solutions, look no further than Sparcraft Hardware, the definitive name in quality snap shackles and gear.

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